Master of Laws (LLM)


LLM is a two year (four semester) academic programme.


Minimum Eligibility

12 years of schooling + a 5 year integrated BA/LLB degree or 12 years of schooling + a 2 or 3 year Bachelor’s degree + a 3 year LLB degree or 12 years of schooling + a 4 year LLB degree) from an institution recognized by the government of any of the SAARC countries with the following minimum eligibility marks criteria:

  1. For candidates from the annual system: 50% and above

  2. For candidates from the semester system (percentage): 55% and above

  3. For candidates from the GPA semester system, the formula for determining percentage is as follows:

          CGPA obtained X 100 / Maximum GPA obtainable.

    Such candidates are required to have a minimum of 60% marks or above.


Format of the Entrance Test

The duration of the Entrance Test will be 3 hours and the question paper will consist of 100 multiple choice questions in two parts.

  • Part A will have 20 multiple choice questions of one mark each on general knowledge, political science, geography, general science and civics of the 10+2 level.

  • Part B will have 80 multiple choice questions of the LLB level carrying one mark each and will generally include the following areas:
    1. Public International Law: General Principles of International Law (Recognition, Succession, State Responsibility, State Immunity, Relationship between International law and Municipal Law); International Organizations; Law of the Sea; Diplomatic and Consular Immunity and others; International Trade Law; International Criminal Law; International Humanitarian Law; Intellectual Property Rights; International Environmental Law; International Human Rights Law.
    2. Jurisprudence: Analytical School of Law; Pure Theory of Law; Sociological Jurisprudence; Legal Personality and Legal Rights; Ownership; Possession and Rule of Law.


Negative Marks for Wrong Answers

If the answer given to any of the Multiple Choice Questions is wrong, ¼ of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted.


LLM Entrance Test Paper for the year 2015.

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