MA Development Economics


MA Development Economics is a two year (four semester) academic programme.


Minimum Eligibility

12 years of schooling + a 3 year Bachelor’s degree + mathematics as a subject of study at the 10 +2 (12th class) level or at the Bachelor’s level or both from an institution recognized by the government of any of the SAARC countries with the following minimum eligibility marks criteria:

  1. For candidates from the annual system: 50% and above  
  2. For candidates from the semester system (percentage): 55% and above &nbsp
  3. For candidates from the GPA semester system, the formula for determining percentage is as follows:  

       CGPA obtained X 100 / Maximum GPA obtainable.

    Such candidates are required to have a minimum of 60% marks or above.

Since a sound knowledge of economics at the undergraduate level is necessary to cope with the Master’s programme, the entrance test will feature questions on undergraduate level economics.


Format of the Entrance Test Paper

The duration of the Entrance Test will be 3 hours and the question paper will consist of 70 multiple choice questions in three parts.


Part A will be a qualifying section with 20 questions of one mark each on basic mathematics including Functions and Limits (including Exponential and Logarithmic Functions), Differential Calculus (Partial and Total Derivatives), and Linear Algebra (Matrices and Determinants).

Part B will have 20 questions of one mark each and Part C will have 30 questions of two marks each. Questions will be asked from areas covering Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematical Methods, Statistical and Econometric Methods, and Development Economics.


Negative Marks for Wrong Answers

If the answer given to any of the Multiple Choice Questions is wrong, ¼ of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted.

Please refer to the question paper for the year 2015 to get an idea of the type of questions asked in Parts A, B & C.

MA Development Economics Entrance Test Paper for the year 2015.


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