MPhil/PhD in Biotechnology


Minimum Eligibility

12 years of schooling + a 3 or 4 year Bachelor’s degree + a 2 year post-graduate MSc or MTech degree in any branch of the Biological Sciences or an MD/MS/ MVSc from an institution recognized by the government of any of the SAARC countries with the following minimum eligibility marks criteria:

  1. For candidates from the annual system: 55% and above

  2. For candidates from the semester system (percentage): 60% and above

  3. For candidates from the GPA semester system, the formula for determining percentage is as follows:

    Percentage = CGPA obtained X 100 / Maximum GPA obtainable

    Such candidates are required to have a minimum of 65% marks or above.


Admission Procedure : Through an Entrance Test and an Interview. The Entrance Test will carry a weightage of 70 marks and the Interview will carry a weightage of 30 marks. A minimum of 50% marks will have to be secured separately in both, the Entrance Test and the Interview, in order to be eligible for admission.


Format of the Entrance Test Paper: The duration of the Entrance Test will be 3 hours and the question paper will consist of 70 multiple choice questions of one mark each in two parts. Simple calculators may be used.

Part A: will have 20 multiple choice questions, carrying one mark each, on all branches of Biology of the undergraduate level. Candidates will be expected to attempt all questions from Part A.

Part B: will consist of a total of 100 questions out of which the candidates will have to answer any 50. Part B will have MSc level questions from the Biosciences including Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Plant and Animal Sciences, Genetics, Microbiology, Biophysics, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics.


Negative Marks for Wrong Answers

If the answer given to any of the Multiple Choice Questions is wrong, ¼ of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted.


Interview: Candidates up to five times the number of seats available will be short-listed for interview on the basis of their performance in the entrance test, subject to a minimum cut off. Shortlisted candidates must arrange to send two letters of recommendation from teachers who have taught and assessed them at the graduate/postgraduate level. Recommendation letters should testify to the intellectual acumen of the candidates, their knowledge of the subject and their ability to articulate ideas.

A final merit list will be drawn by adding together the marks of the Entrance Test and the Interview. Separate merit lists will be prepared for (a) candidates from all SAARC countries other than India, and (b) candidates from India. Equal number of candidates will be offered admission from these two lists, according to merit, depending on the number of seats available.


MPhil/PhD Biotechnology Test Paper for the year 2015

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