MA in Sociology

MA (Sociology) is a two-year (four semester) programme offering a combination of compulsory and optional courses which introduce students to sociological and anthropological theories, contemporary social theory, as well as debates on thematic issues in sociology and social anthropology, enabling students to analyse social phenomena. The context, which will constitute a constant reference point for students, will be that of South Asian societies.

The programme also offers two courses in dissertation writing spread over two semesters. At the end of the second semester, students choose a theme for research and work closely with a faculty member towards writing a dissertation. The pedagogical processes involved are innovative not only in terms of using new modes of teaching - learning but also in terms of taking up new and contemporary issues and phenomena.

The courses offered in the Masters programme are unique in the sense that they develop a sociological sense of the societies in the region and thus allow students to widen their horizons of understanding. This gives our programme an edge over other sociology courses in the region.

In addition to the curricular component, the Masters programme also includes a variety of extra-curricular activities such as conversations, cinema-discussions, blogging and exhibitions, etc. The idea behind this culturally rich programme is to provide a holistic education in which sociology, culture, politics and everyday life come together.

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Minimum Eligibility

12 years of schooling + a 3 year Bachelor’s degree from an institution recognized by the government of any of the SAARC countries in any discipline, with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate or an equivalent grade. Candidates who have a 4 year Bachelor’s degree or 2 year Bachelor’s degree and have cleared the first year of the Master’s programme are also eligible.

Format of the Entrance Test Paper and Course

Eligible candidates must appear for an Entrance Test which will be of 3 hours duration. The question paper will have two parts:

Part A: will consist of 50 multiple choice questions of 1 mark each and will test the applicant’s awareness about the world in general and South Asia in particular. These questions will be of 10+2 (12th class) level. In addition, this section will also contain some discipline-specific questions on Sociology/Social Anthropology at the undergraduate level. All questions in this section are compulsory.

Part B: will test the applicants on their ability to (i) comprehend the subject knowledge analytically and critically; (ii) structure an essay logically; (iii) and write grammatically correct English. It will require the applicant to write 2 essays (selected from 8 given topics) of approximately 600 words each.

Negative Marks for Wrong Answers

If the answer given to any of the Multiple Choice Questions is wrong, ¼ of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted.

MA Sociology Entrance Test Paper for the year 2016.

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