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M.Sc. (Computer Science)

The M.Sc. is a 2-years (4-semester) course, requiring the completion of 64 credits. The course will provide a unique opportunity to students in the SAARC region to obtain skills that will enable them either to pursue a career in the Computer Science/Information Technology industry; or in advanced Computer Science research. This is done by providing a novel combination of mathematical and computational subjects that are highly relevant to industry and at the same time required for research at the forefront of Computer Science.

Course Description:-

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The Master of Computer Science (M. Sc.) Program is a Two Years (Four Semester) course open to graduates in Mathematical Science and allied disciplines. The program gives adequate emphasis on Theory and Systems in Computer Science and is a unique program of its kind with different specializations.





Eligibility & other Details:-

A 3 or 4 years Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or relevant area from a recognized University, with at least 55% marks in aggregate or an equivalent grade.

Format of the question paper and course:-

The three (3) hour exam will contain 100 multiple choice questions of one (1) mark each. Each question will have four options. There will be no subjective questions.
There will be negative marking and incorrect answers will be penalized one-quarter (¼) of a mark. That is, an incorrect answer will result in (¼) mark being deducted.

The exam will have multiple-choice questions from the following three categories:

Category A: Analytical, Logical, and Language Abilities

Category B: Basic Mathematical Science:

  1. Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations;
  2. Linear Algebra;
  3. Algebra and the Theory of Equations;
  4. Coordinate Geometry and Vector Analysis;
  5. Probability and Statistics.

Category C:Undergraduate level Computer Science:-
  1. Discrete Mathematics (sets, relations, elementary combinatorics, propositions, predicate logic);
  2. Data structures (lists, trees and graphs);
  3. Algorithms (sorting, searching, elementary time complexity, analysis);
  4. Programming in C;
  5. Digital Logic and Computer Organization.

Candidates can expect:-
  1. Thirty (30) questions from Category ‘A’
  2. Twenty (20) questions from Category ‘B’; and
  3. Fifty (50) questions from Category ‘C’
For Sample Questions, refer previous year’s question paper

Previous Year Question Papers:-


Tuition fee at SAU is highly subsidized. Following is the fee structure payable by students coming from SAARC countries :

  1. Admission Fee (Non-Refundable)US $ 100(one time)
  2. Tuition Fee US $ 440 (per semester)
  3. Security Deposit (Refundable)US $ 100(one time)

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