Medha Bisht
Assistant Professor
Department of International Relations
Akbar Bhawan
New Delhi 110021
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Room No.: 323


  • PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University , in 2010
  • M.A in Politics from Jawaharlal Nehru University , in 2002

Recent Publications

  • Bhutan and Climate Change: Identifying Strategic Implications, Contemporary South Asia, Routledge-forthcoming, 2013-manuscript accepted.
  • Bhutan-India Power Cooperation: Benefits Beyond Bilateralism, Strategic Analysis, September 2012, Routledge.
  • Water Diplomacy and India's National Strategy in Krishnappa Venkatshamy and Princy George (ed.), India's National Security Strategy: 2020 Perspectives (New Delhi, Pentagon Security International, 2012.
  • Water Problems in Bangladesh: Internal and External Dimensions in SmrutiPattnaik (ed), Four Decades of India-Bangladesh Relations , New Delhi: Gyan Publishers, 2012).
  • Water Sector in Pakistan-Policy, Politics and Management-Forthcoming Monograph, 2012-Publication in Process.
  • Conceptualising Movements Against Large Dams-A Case Study Analysis of NBA: Strategies, Linkages and State Response, Social Change 41 (3) 2011, Sage, New Delhi.
  • The Politics of Water Discourse in Pakistan", ICRIER Policy Series, August 2011
  • (with) Ratna .M .Sudarshan, 'Voice' as a pathway to women's empowerment: reflections on the Indian experience in Mapping Women's Empowerment: Experiences from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, Dhaka, University Press Limited (UPL), 2010.
  • Advocacy Groups and Multi-Stakeholder Negotiations: Redefining Frameworks of Diplomatic Practice, International Studies 45.2, 2009 (Sage)

Research Interests

  • South Asian Politics
  • International Negotiations
  • Political and Strategic Thought
  • Society-State Interface
  • Strategic Dimensions of Non Traditional Security Issues (Water and Energy)

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