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Medha Bisht
Associate Professor
Department of International Relations
South Asian University, Akbar Bhawan,Room No.323
New Delhi 110021
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Dr Bisht is a Ph.D from Diplomatic Studies Division, Jawaharlal Nehru University, where she wrote her thesis on Multi-stakeholder negotiations on security and development. Her country expertise in South Asia is restricted to Bhutan and Pakistan. She also works at the intersection of strategy and philosophy and is particularly interested in non-western sources of diplomatic practices in Asia. Her book, ‘Kautilya’s Arthashastra: Philosophy of Strategy’ is currently in the publication stage with Routledge.Interested in the concept of water diplomacy, her research engagement has highlighted the micro and macro narratives related to water governance  and water diplomacy in South Asia. She has conducted  stakeholder engagements and dialogues in South Asia to identify the political, cultural and ecological perspectives pertaining to rivers and riparian communities. She was a consultant to IUCN-India in 2017, where she co-authored a course on ‘Hydro-diplomacy in South Asia’  in collaboration with Dhaka University. The course was pilot-tested in India and Bangladesh in 2017 with mid-level water professionals. She was also a lead investigator in India, for a project undertaken in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan, based in Lahore from 2016 to 2017.


  • PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University , in 2010
  • M.A in Politics from Jawaharlal Nehru University , in 2002

Recent Publications

  • Bhutan and Climate Change: Identifying Strategic Implications, Contemporary South Asia, Routledge-forthcoming, 2013-manuscript accepted.
  • Bhutan-India Power Cooperation: Benefits Beyond Bilateralism, Strategic Analysis, September 2012, Routledge.
  • Water Diplomacy and India's National Strategy in Krishnappa Venkatshamy and Princy George (ed.), India's National Security Strategy: 2020 Perspectives (New Delhi, Pentagon Security International, 2012.
  • Water Problems in Bangladesh: Internal and External Dimensions in SmrutiPattnaik (ed), Four Decades of India-Bangladesh Relations , New Delhi: Gyan Publishers, 2012).
  • Water Sector in Pakistan-Policy, Politics and Management-Forthcoming Monograph, 2012-Publication in Process.
  • Conceptualising Movements Against Large Dams-A Case Study Analysis of NBA: Strategies, Linkages and State Response, Social Change 41 (3) 2011, Sage, New Delhi.
  • The Politics of Water Discourse in Pakistan", ICRIER Policy Series, August 2011
  • (with) Ratna .M .Sudarshan, 'Voice' as a pathway to women's empowerment: reflections on the Indian experience in Mapping Women's Empowerment: Experiences from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, Dhaka, University Press Limited (UPL), 2010.
  • Advocacy Groups and Multi-Stakeholder Negotiations: Redefining Frameworks of Diplomatic Practice, International Studies 45.2, 2009 (Sage)

Research Interests

  • South Asian Politics
  • International Negotiations
  • Political and Strategic Thought
  • Society-State Interface
  • water governance and water diplomacy

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