PhD Biotechnology
List of Candidates Selected and Waitlisted for Admission
Country: India

Rank No Roll No Name Country Status
1 2018026 RAKHI India Selected
2 2018003 ANIKET BHATTACHARYYA India Selected
3 3118069 DEEPTI SHRIVASTAVA India Wait-listed
4 3118208 SADAM HUSSAIN BHAT India Wait-listed
5 3118106 KAPIL SINGH India Wait-listed
6 1918018 SWATI SHARMA India Wait-listed
7 2018006 ANUSH CHAKRABORTY India Wait-listed
8 2018037 SONAM KUMARI India Wait-listed
9 2018005 ANUPAMA MUKHERJEE India Wait-listed
10 2318028 SHAMBHU KRISHAN LAL India Wait-listed

Country: SAARC Countries other than India

Rank No Roll No Name Country Status
1 2318003 ANKITA Nepal Selected
2 3118133 MD MUSA HOSSAIN Bangladesh Selected
3 3118132 MD ABU RAYHAN Bangladesh Wait-listed
All selected candidates are advised to confirm their acceptance immediately and pay the fee of US $ 200 or Indian Rs 13,400 by 21 June 2017. Candidates are advised to check their email account and follow the instructions provided in the Admission Offer Letter.

Candidates not shown in above list are not selected and waitlisted.