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The Quarterly Newsletter of South Asian University | Volume 1 March Edition, 2017

                                                                Later in the day, a photo exhibition was inaugurated
                                                                by Dr. Kavita Sharma. The theme of the exhibition
                                                                was “Everyday Life @SAU” and 10 photographs
                                                                handpicked from numerous entries were exhibited.
                                                                The South Asian Food Festival that followed after the
                                                                inauguration of the photo exhibition ensured that
                                                                life at South Asian University on this particular day
                                                                was going to be pleasantly different. Food items of
                                                                all hues and taste from the eight SAARC countries
                                                                were on offer, prepared with noticeable passion by
the students. With such delectable choices like the Afghani Aashaks (momos), Kabuli Pulav, Mama
Haleem, Hilsa Palao, Bhatmas Sadheko, Chicken Choila, Bhutanese Red Rice, Eza, Chapali Kabab, Sindh
Biryani, Tuna and Chapati, Bati Chokha and Milk Rice, not to mention the aroma that complemented the
air of festivity all around, everyone including the students, faculty, official staff and guests from high
commissions and embassies were in for a delightful treat. Winding up the day and the celebrations in
style, the students put up an inspired cultural event replete with music, dance and poetry recitation. The
prizes to the winners of the competitive activities during the Hostel Fest were also given away by Dr.
Kavita Sharma. In all, it was a near-perfect celebration of the first ever SAU Foundation Day.

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