Notification Regarding Hostel Accommodation

27 July 2021


• Registration for the Hostel accommodation to the limited 3rd-semester 2020 batch Master students is starting from 2nd of August 2021 which will be up to 31 August 2021.


Hostel Accommodation of PhD Scholars after Extension


PhD students may peruse the Notification pertaining to stay in the hostel beyond the tenure to submit the Thesis as given below. You will have to sign the undertaking, duly attested by your supervisor. Apart from this, you have to adhere to the SOPs followed in the Hostel.


Please do the needful and then make a request by attaching required documents i.e. the two undertakings and Covid-19 PCR-based test (which has to be negative).


Your request must then be duly recommended by the supervisor, chairperson, dean of the faculty, Hostel warden, dean of the student to get approval from the president to stay in the Hostel.


Few of the scholars have been notified of their request for the hostel stay in the extension period are also to complete the formality by the earliest.


The tenure of submission of your thesis is 6 years from the date of your registration.

  1. Terms and Conditions for the Hostel Accommodation of PhD Scholars after Extension
  2. SOPs to be followed in SAU Hostel
  3. Undertaking regarding Hostel charges


NOTIFICATION: Registration Schedule for Continuing Students (both Ph.D and 3rd semester Master programmes) for Monsoon Semester 2021-2022


Ref.: SAU/31-3 /2014

30th June, 2021

After the summer break (with the last semester being extended due to the pandemic), the University will reopen on the 2nd of August 2021 for the academic session 2021-2022.


Registration schedule for the successful Continuing students of both Ph.D and the Masters programmes will be as follows:


NOTIFICATION: Postponement of End-Semester Examination of the 4th semester, Masters programme, Winter Semester 2020-2021


Ref.: SAU/31-1 /2014

27th April, 2021

Consequent upon the decision taken in the Emergent Meeting of the senior functionaries of the University on the 25th of April 2021, the End-semester Examinations of the 4th semester of the Masters programme are postponed to dates indicated below:


End-Semester Examination: 7th June 2021-19th June 2021.


Deans are requested to kindly adhere to the above schedule as far as possible.


This Notification has the approval of the competent authority



Deputy Registrar



Notice to the students residing in SAU hostels



Students residing in Akbar Bhawan are apprised that Delhi is in throes of a very serious health crisis due to the pandemic. The health infrastructure is unable to take load the numbers of patients, furthering the alarming condition in the capital. The media reports, press statements from the state governments and hospitals have pointed to acute crisis of oxygen, medicines and hospital beds. We have experienced the same in the context of ... Read More



Final Notifications of Scholarships & Freeships 2020 - 2021

  1. President's Scholarships
  2. SAARC Silver Jubilee Scholarships
  3. SAU Merit Scholarships
  4. SAU Freeships
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