Notification for Membership and Constitution of Extra Curricular Societies


To encourage extracurricular activities, ownership of campus space and facilitate the emergence of collective learning communities across Departments & Faculties, the University encourages students to join the different societies which have been constituted for extracurricular activities. Each society focuses on possibilities of creating a sense of a South Asian identity and sensibility through its activities, be it through music, art, dance, films, photography or literature.

The five societies that exist at present are as follows:

  1. Society for Music and Dance
  2. Society for Art and Theatre
  3. Society for Film and Photography
  4. South Asia Speaks: A Forum for Conversations
  5. The Book Club

Membership in Societies

For membership in different societies, kindly register at : Societies Registration. Please ensure registration on/and before October 26, 2018(Friday) after which the link would expire. 


Please also find attached the notification for Student coordinators for the five ECA Societies 2018 . If case of election to students coordinators, only registered members to the societies can vote. 

Please also note the following timeline:

Notification for Constitution of Hostel, Mess, Cultural and Sports Committee and ECA Societies: October 4 (Thursday), 2018

Notification for registration to five ECA Societies for Membership: October 4(Thursday), 2018

Last Date for Submission of Nomination Form(in the prescribed format): October 26(Friday), 2018 on or before 4pm. Please note no late nominations will be accepted. 

Announcement of List of nominations received: October 30, 2018(Tuesday).

Last date for withdrawal of nominations received: October 31, 2018(Wednesday)

Elections on November 2, 2018(Friday).


All applications for nominations should be submitted as signed hardcopy to Ms Jyoti Chawla, IR Faculty Assistant, on or before 4pm, October 26, 2018. 


For details refer to the attached notifications. We encourage you to participate and engage with the process!

ECA Notificationpdf2

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