Introduction to South Asia


All first year (and MPhil/PhD students who have not done so earlier) of Development Economics, International Relations, Legal studies and Sociology are required to give their options for the ‘Introduction to South Asia’ course. The last date for submission of options is 9.12.2016


The course is divided into 2 parts. Part A will run from 20 January to 24 February 2017 and will be a general introduction to South Asia. The following courses will be offered:


A-1 – Border and Belonging

A-2 – Melodramatic South Asia in Cinematic Imagination

A-3 – Protecting Knowledge Systems of South Asia through Intellectual Property Rights

A-4 – South Asia, Foreign Investment and International Trade

A-5 – South Asia through the Lens of Literature: Contemporary Short Stories from the South Asian Region


Students will be required to study any one of these options in the first half of the Winter Semester 2017.


Part B will be offered in the second half of the semester and will be a discipline specific course chosen from one of the following:


B-1 – Science and Society

B-2 – Computing in South Asia

B-3 – South Asia Economies – An Introduction

B-4 – International Politics in South Asia

B-5 – Legal Systems of South Asia

B-6 – The History of Mathematics in South Asia

B-7 – The Sociology of Everyday Life


Students will have to choose one option from each of the Parts keeping in mind that students of a particular discipline cannot opt for the course offered by their own department/faculty. Therefore, students of Development Economics cannot opt for B-3; students of International Relations cannot opt for A-1 and B-4; students of Legal Studies cannot opt for A-3, A-4 and B-5 and students of Sociology cannot opt for A-2 and B-7.


However, since each course will not take more than 25 students, you need to register early and opt for at least 3 options in each Part, in order of preference. Allocations will be made on a first-come-first-served basis so early birds are likely to get the courses that they have opted for while all others will have to settle for their second or third choice.


Details of all the courses are available on the SAU website. Please go through the options offered carefully and then fill the attached form and submit to your faculty assistant. Please submit your forms latest by Friday, 9th December 2016. You can also collect a copy of the form from your faculty assistant.



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